Ask In My Name

The majority of Christians today are not beyond what a disciple ought to have been or to have known before the Cross; and perhaps they would even think it presumption to suppose that they could advance, or that there is any further unfolding of the truth of God’s grace

Consider, for instance, the use of the Lord’s Prayer (Lu 11), so-called by many believers This disciple’s prayer does not clothe the believer with the name of the Lord Jesus What is meant by asking the Father in that Name? It is not just saying “in His name” at the end of a prayer When the Lord Jesus died and rose again, He gave the believer His own standing before the Father; and then to ask the Father in the name of the Lord Jesus is to ask in the consciousness that my Father loves me as He loves His Son; that He has given me the acceptance of the Son Himself before Him, having completely blotted out all my evil, and given me to be made the righteousness of God in Christ: this is asking in His Name

When the believer draws nigh, consciously brought into the Father’s presence, this is to ask in that blessed Name of the Lord Jesus There is not a soul using the “Lord’s Prayer” as a form, that has a real understanding of what it is to ask the Father in the name of the Lord Jesus They have never entered into that great truth, and perhaps in their very next petition they take the place of miserable sinners, deprecating the wrath of God, and still under the law Is it possible for a believer who knows what it is to stand before the Father as the Lord Jesus is, to be thus systematically in doubt and uncertainty?

That was the case with the Jew, before the Cross But if I am anything at all, I am a Christian And as such my position is in the Lord Jesus before the Father, and there is no condemnation; otherwise there cannot be the spirit of sonship, or the taking the place of priests of God We are made priests to God by virtue of this blessed standing It is on earth that the great testing time comes in The conscience is brought to this — you cannot walk with the Lord Jesus and with the world It is a question of heaven or the world; and the believer is properly one who enters into heavenly thoughts and relationships while walking through this world

While the “Lord’s Prayer” always remains of inestimable worth, yet it was given to meet the individual wants of the disciples The further revelation of divine truth modified their condition, and would thus lead into another strain of desires, which, in fact, were not then given expression to The Lord Jesus Himself tells us this “Hitherto ye have asked nothing in my name” What do I gather from that? That one may use the “Lord’s Prayer” every day, and never ask anything in the name of the Lord Jesus “Hitherto ye have asked nothing in my name; ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full” (John 16:24)

“At that day ye shall ask in my name” What day does that mean? A future time? No, but the present; the day that the Holy Spirit brought in when He came down from heaven It is this which is connected with that full revelation of truth which is so essential to Christian joy and blessedness, and to the unworldly and heavenly walk of the children of God; and where this is not entered into, the other cannot be

There may be vigor of faith, and personal love to the Lord Jesus, but for all that a person will savor of the world in spirit and religious position till he have entered into this blessed place that the Holy Spirit now gives us of drawing nigh to our Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

Wm Kelly 

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