Existence of God

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Summary of the Problem of Evil

Many Christians as well as non-Christians have struggled with the issue of evil in the world. The problem of evil has been a stumbling block ...

Category: Existence of God | | 05/28/2012

Alleged Disproofs of God’s Existence

Just as there is logical proof for the existence of God, namely the cosmological, teleological, moral law, and ontological arguments, so there are also arguments ...

Category: Existence of God | | 05/27/2012

Objections to the Proofs of God’s Existence

In the apologetic task of proving that the theistic God exists, objections arise to the arguments that establish proof for God’s existence. This summary will ...

Category: Existence of God | | 05/27/2012

The Arguments that Prove God Exists

Evidence for the existence of the Theistic God is found in three main arguments used by theists today. These arguments are: 1. the cosmological argument, 2. ...

Category: Existence of God | | 05/26/2012