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What is Logic

Logic is the art of using reason properly in our investigation after truth, and the communication of it to others. Logic is an essential requirement ...

Category: Christian Apologetics Truth | | 05/26/2012

Removing the Barriers to Truth so we can Know Truth

by Steve Haworth In order to know absolute truth we need to have access to it. Different philosophies have put up barriers to knowing absolute truth, ...

Category: Christian Apologetics Truth | | 05/09/2012

The Reasons Why all Truth Claims are Absolute

by Steve Haworth As  Pilate stared at the Truth Himself, Jesus Christ,  he posed the question, “what is truth” (John 18:38).  Today people are not just ...

Category: Truth | | 05/09/2012

Pluralism and it’s problems

Religious pluralism holds the view that every religion is true, even though the tenets of each religion are diametrically opposed. Pluralism claims that each religion ...

Category: Christian Apologetics Truth | | 05/08/2012

What is the Nature of Truth and is it Knowable?

In the days we live, the defense for the knowability of truth and its absolute nature is crucial in the overall defense for the Christian ...

Category: Christian Apologetics Truth | | 05/08/2012