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Observations on Redemption

When Roman generals returned from battle, they marched into the city lead-ing enormous processions. Their troops arrived with the spoils of battle, which included captured ...

Category: Salvation | | 09/15/2012

Is your destiny predetermined or do you have free choice?

by Steve Haworth Both predestination (God’s sovereignty) and free choice (man’s sovereignty) are taught in scripture. Calvinism and Armenianism are right in what they affirm ...

Category: Salvation | | 05/08/2012

The Post-Resurrection Appearances Of Jesus

To Mary (John 20:11-18), To the Women (Matthew 28:9-10), To Peter (Luke 24:34) To Cleopas and Another (Luke 24:13-31) ...

Category: Salvation | | 05/03/2012

The Seven Last words of Christ on the cross

1. “FATHER, FORGIVE THEM; FOR THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.” LUKE 23:34 What This Cry Tells Us About God the Father Jesus’ direct address ...

Category: Salvation | | 05/03/2012

The Truth about Transubstantiation

“The Jews therefore began to argue with one another, saying, ‘How can this man give us His flesh to eat?’ Jesus therefore said to them, ...

Category: Salvation | | 05/03/2012