Man’s Nature and Man’s Destiny – STUDY

Man was created a tripartite being in the image of God for a very specific purpose and destiny. This study looks at the threefold nature and purpose of man and explores how to be transformed into the likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ, the federal Head of God’s New Creation.


part 1 My Beloved My Beloved copy
part 2 Trinity of Man
Trinity of Man copy
part 3 The Glue of Faith and Works
The Glue of Faith and Works (black) copy
part 4 The Threefold Life The Threefold Life (beige) copy
part 5 The Sanctifying Life The Sanctifying Life (red) xxxx
part 6 Sanctifying Grace Sanctifying Grace (white) copy
part 7 Service to God : Standards of Good       Service to God - Standards of Good (blue),jpg copy
part 8 His Threefold Name His Threefold Name (sage) copy
part 9 Lord Jesus Christ The Lord Jesus Christ blue
part 10 Kinsman Redeemer Kinsman Redeemer copy
part 11 Heaven Heaven (yellow) copy
part 12 Heaven’s March Heavens March (orange) copy
part 13 Wilderness Journey Wilderness Journey copy
part 14 The Spirit’s Work The Spirit’s Work copy
part 15 The Heritage of Man The Heritage Of Man (beige) copy
part 16 The Natural Man The Natural Man (brown) copy
part 17 The Carnal Man The Carnal Man copy
part 18 The Spiritual Mind The Spiritual Mind (brown) copy
part 19 Spiritual Introspection Spiritual Introspection (white) copy
part 20 Carnal Jacob or Spiritual Israel Carnal Jacob Or Spiritual Israel copy
part 21 The Spiritual Man The Spiritual Man copy
part 22 Spiritual Food Spiritual Food copy
part 23 Spiritual Air Spiritual Air copy
part 24 Spiritual Exercise Spiritual Exercise copy
part 25 Spiritual Truth Spiritual Truth copy
part 26 Spiritual Understanding Spiritual Understanding copy
part 27 God’s Crazy World Gods Crazy World copy
part 28 Why Faith ?
part 29 Cycle of Despair or Circle of Hope Cycle of Despair or Circle of Hope green copy
part 30 God’s Gift of Faith
God’s Gift of Faith copy
part 31 God’s Gift of Hope
God’s Gift of Hope copy
part 32 God’s Gift of Love God's Gift of Love copy
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