Grace Thru Faith STUDY

Salvation is all thru God’s Grace
Sanctification is all thru  God’s Grace
Service is all thru God’s Grace

Initial salvation, daily  Christian growth and living the Christian life in  by Grace  Salvation,
Maturing and Living is ALL given freely by God’s Grace

And God’s Free Grace is Accessed Thru Faith

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 1 FAITH Faith
 2 Developing FAITH Developing Faith
 3 FAITH Verses Fear fear_std_t_nt
 4 Dependent FAITH trust_t
 5 Hindrance to FAITH breaking free from addictions_t_nt
 6 TIME to Grow 7155590002
 7 Growing in Grace Growing in Grace
 8 The Process of Time Cross and Family
 9 Time and Time Again GTF09 Grace BEACH SCENE
 10 Timely Steps Leah-red-dress
 11 Unconditional Acceptance        Unconditional Grace
 12 Eternal Acceptance Rainbow cross_a
 13 A Familiar Word A Familiar Word
 14 Forever Accepted Forever Accepted
 15 A Forever Given Promise A Forever Given Promise
 16 Accepted by God ascension_2
 17 Glorious Grace God's GLorious Grace
 18 Final Word Final Word
 19 The Purpose of Life
 20 God’s Best Purpose God’s Best Purpose
 21 Cross Purposes Cross Purposes
 22 Needful Preparation Needful Preparation
 23 Established Need Established Need
 24 Prepared To Meet God Prepared To Meet God
 25 Complete in Christ Complete in Christ
 26 The Bottom Line Slide1
 27 Simply AMAZING Simply Amazing


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