For You will not leave my soul among the dead or allow Your holy one to rot in the grave.

Psalm 16:10 (NIV)

Psalm 16-10-You Will Not Abandon Me-gold copy

Thoughts on Today’s Verse

Psalms 2 introduces us to the Messiah of God and Psalm 40 tells of His incarnation. Psalm 22 details His agony on the cross but Psalm 16 rejoices in His resurrection – by which He conquered death. And it is through faith in Him, that we who believe, have a living hope.

Paul reminded us that if we only have hope in this world then we are to be greatly pitied, but we who trust in Jesus as our sin-bearing Saviour can rejoice and lift up our voices in shouts of praise and thanksgiving – as did the apostle Paul and Israel’s king David.

In living a perfect life and dying a voluntary death on the cross – the incarnate Son of God paid the full price for our sins. In rising from the dead He broke the enslaving, icy-grip of death – on all who believe on His name.

Every member of the Trinity participated in Christ’s resurrection. Paul tells of the Spirit, that raised Jesus from the dead and John reminds us that our Lord Himself confessed that He was given the power to take up His own life again – but here is Psalms it is David who joyfully announces that God the Father will not leave His soul among the dead nor allow His Holy One to undergo decay.

Praise God that through Christ’s resurrection – death has been destroyed for all who believe in Him – giving life and bringing immortality to light, through the Gospel of grace.

My Prayer

Father, praise Your name for Your wonderful gift of Salvation through the death and resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Give me a greater understanding of what the life of Christ-in-me means – and may many come to an understanding of this eternal truth today we pray, in Jesus name, AMEN

Psalm 16-10-You Will Not Abandon Me copy


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