Show us Your loving-kindness, O LORD, And grant us Your salvation.

Psalm 85:7  (NASB)

Psalm 85-7 Show Us Your Mercy O Lord blue copy

Thoughts on Today’s Verse

The Lord is full of loving-kindness and tender mercies to all who will call out to Him for help – and like the children of Israel who so often cried out to the Lord when they strayed from the paths of righteousness, we too can cry to the Lord our God, to show us His loving-kindness and to grant us His salvation.

Whether willfully or through a small series of downward steps we too can find ourselves straying from the paths of truth and righteousness, but God is ever ready to demonstrate His never-failing gracious love and tender mercies to any of His children who turn from their sin and call on His name for help. The steadfast loving-kindness of the Lord is not only to be seen in the many blessings that fall from His hand each day, but are also seen in His chastening rod, His corrective discipline and the arms that draw us back from our weary wanderings, our careless backslidings or our willful disobedience.

In every season of our lives, whether in pain or in joy, let us call on our Father to: show us Your loving-kindness, O LORD, and grant us Your salvation.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, how I praise You that Your loving-kindness and tender mercies are new every morning and no matter where is am or how far I have fallen, You are faithful and just to forgive me of my sins.. to cleanse me of all my faults and to draw me back to Yourself with your cords of love and grace, Thank You in Jesus name, AMEN

Psalm 85-7 Show Us Your Mercy O Lord cream copy

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