Character and Attributes of God STUDY

God……….. chose to communicate to man and gradually over time He unveiled more and more of His character and attributes to different individual within scripture. Every attribute is perfect, superlative, eternal, holy and true. This study takes a closer look at some of God’s many attributes, knowing that the more we know of the character and attributes of God the more we come to know Him and to love Him.

part 1God’s Divine OmnipotenceGod’s Divine Omnipotence
part 2God’s Divine Wisdom
part 3God’s Divine Transcendence
part 4Our Good GodOur GOOD God
part 5God’s Divine OmnipresenceGod’s Divine Omnipresence
part 6Our Faithful GodOmnipresence
part 7Our Perfect God
Perfect in Him
part 8Perfect – in Him
Perfect in Him
part 9God’s Divine Judgmentssky
part 10God’s Tender MercyGod’s Tender Mercy
part 11Our Superlative GodOur Superlative God
part 12The BREADTH of God’s Superlative Love     The BREADTH of God's Superlative Love
part 13The LENGTH of God’s Superlative LoveThe LENGTH of God's Superlative Love
part 14The DEPTH of God’s Superlative LoveThe DEPTH of God's Superlative Love
part 15The HEIGHT of God’s Superlative LoveGod is LOVE
part 16The Unknowable GodThe Unknowable God
part 17The Incomprehensible GodThe Incomprehensible God
part 18The Self-Existent GodI AM
part 19The Eternal GodEternal God
part 20The Glory of GodThe Glory of God
part 21The All-Sufficient GodNames of God
part 22The Infinite Godgod is in control_t_nt
part 23The Immutable Godjesus always the same_t_nv
part 24The ETERNAL PlanSlide1 copy
part 26God HAS Spoken God Has Spoken
part 25The Voice of GodThe Living Written Word
part 27 God’s Lost MajestyGods Glory
part 28My Lord and My GodMy Lord and My God
part 29Our Incomprehensible GodIncomprehensible God
part 30The Inexpressibly Powerful GodThe Power of God
part 31The Unveiling of GodLion and Cross
part 32The Unique Name of GODRevelation 22-13
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